The Pyramid’s Riddle Puzzle Box

The Pyramid’s Riddle Puzzle Box

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The life of a warrior starts at the top

Once he goes to the right path, he soon must stop.

The next step in life is in combat to fight;

They’ll be twice as old as they’ll go to what’s left of their might. 

The third step of the warrior is a right decision;

One battle must be won to ensure their provision. 

The magic of the last step in life is to remain almost still 

For his life is at the end, and to ascend is his soul’s will. 


After death in battle, he’ll rise to the heavens as a hummingbird 

As he flies into the sky, he’ll follow the directions he heard:

Once to the east as you will be free,

Twice to the west as soon you will see,

One last time into the western sea – 

And you will finally find inside you the heavens’ key.