PCTEL 132-174 MHz 2.4 dB Wide Band Antenna,Field Tunable

PCTEL 132-174 MHz 2.4 dB Wide Band Antenna,Field Tunable

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The PCTEL MWV1322S wide-band, field-tunable, VHF mobile antenna with spring operates within the frequency range, 132 – 174 MHz. Addressing equipment interoperability changes, this vehicle antenna provides superior bandwidth coverage without sacrificing performance. This field-tunable antenna features a gain of 2.4 dB (with a ground plane) or unity gain without a ground plane. Maximum power input is 200 W.

The 48 in whip antenna features a rugged compact design that is able to withstand high-vibration conditions and maintain desired resonant frequency.

For two-way communication, this PCTEL wideband VHF mobile antenna provides 26 MHz bandwidth without compromising performance.


Gain dBi (dBi) 2.14 dBi, 4.5 dBi
Maximum Power (W) 200
Color Silver
Mobile Antenna Mounting Type NMO
Specific Frequency 132-174 MHz
Whip Length 48 in
Whip Material Stainless Steel
Frequency Band VHF