Lorex Weatherproof Junction Box for Security Cameras

Lorex Weatherproof Junction Box for Security Cameras

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This weatherproof security mounting junction box allows you to conveniently hide your security camera cables from view and protect them from vandalism. It will also provide you with easier access to cabling connections without having to unmount your camera. This particular junction box has four sets of holes, 90° apart. Also available in black and gray.

Clean installation

This security camera mounting junction box can help you achieve a clean, professional looking installation in a variety of ways:

junction box drill

Protect cables

Run camera cables through the wall directly behind the junction box so they are never exposed to the outside.

junction box conduit

Use a conduit

Insert a conduit pipe (not included) into the junction box to cover the cables as they run along the wall or ceiling.

junction box lower camera

Avoid obstructions

Use this junction to drop your camera a little lower to avoid obstructions such as a low eavestrough or a dropped fascia.