Lorex Super High Definition 2K (4MP) Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Lorex Super High Definition 2K (4MP) Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

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Protect what matters most with a cutting-edge security camera that meets all your needs. This security camera by Lorex comes equipped with incredible 2K Super HD video resolution clarity and rapid Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) speed capabilities. With a waterproof casing and advanced 355° rotation, it's the perfect solution for monitoring large areas, especially outdoors. Install the camera on a ceiling or attach it to a wall and be at ease knowing you're protected from all angles.




Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera



Super HD resolution


For viewing fine details in enhanced definition


See the entire scene with Pan/Tilt capability

Monitoring a large area has now become easier. Program this 2K (4MP) security camera to automatically monitor activity in any direction with preset viewing patterns. You can also control the range of coverage through your NVR, computer, tablet or smartphone. The camera's PTZ features include 355° rotation, 90° tilt range and rapid 100° per second panning speed.


Powerful 4× optical zoom

The camera's 4× optical zoom and 16× digital zoom will help you capture even the smallest of details. The 4× optical zoom will not compromise the quality of your video, either. You can use the zoom as part of a preset viewing pattern or use it on-the-go. Either way, this feature is highly effective in gaining evidence if an event occurs on your property.


Customize unlimited PTZ preset tours


Advanced PTZ options allow you to automate the camera's field of view. The first option is a simple "preset." Use the NVR to move the camera's viewpoint to the location you desire and create a preset. This will allow you to quickly move the camera's viewpoint to this location with a simple click. The second option is a fully automated PTZ tour. This is when you set up a number of presets and have the camera cycle between them endlessly. Feel free to use all of the camera's pan, tilt, and zoom features in these tours to maximize your security coverage. The final option is a simple "pattern." This setting will automatically cycle between two positions.


Superior detail with Super HD resolution

With a real-time rate of 30 frames per second and an advanced 4MP image sensor at its core, this camera is capable of recording 2K Super HD video with smooth on-screen motion and accurate color reproduction.


HEVC / H.265 compression

Compress your video data files without reducing the 2K quality footage. The camera's HEVC compression technology (aka High Efficiency Video Compression, H.265 or MPEG-H Part 2), will save you bandwidth and video storage space. HEVC compressed videos files will retain their 2K quality, ensuring you don't lose important details in the process. Please note that the use of HEVC compression technology requires the use of a compatible HEVC capable NVR.


Easy and clutter-free installation

Only a single ethernet cable is needed for set-up. This cable simultaneously transmits video to the NVR, powers the camera (a Lorex NVR or PoE switch is required) and allows you to control camera movements directly from the NVR or a mobile device. Furthermore, the wires are encased in a sturdy, fire resistant jacket, allowing for multi-purpose installation indoors or outdoors.


Weatherproof with extreme temperature tolerance

Don't limit the range of your coverage because of the weather. Whether it's heavy rain, snow or wind, this PTZ camera is rated IP66 which means it's fully waterproof. Extreme hot or freezing temperatures won't affect its ability, as it was designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F up to 140°F (-30°C up to 60°C). Even the wall mount bracket is fully waterproof.


Full Metal Camera Housing

The PTZ camera is vandal resistant. Whether you place it within a reachable distance or a high ceiling, the solid metal casing will protect it from strong impacts, unlike conventional plastic security cameras.


What's Included?


High definition 2K resolution IP Security Camera

  • High definition 4MP image sensor1
  • Powerful 4× optical zoom and 16× digital zoom to focus in on even the finest details
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency2
  • 355° pan rotation for complete area coverage. Fast 100° per second panning speed
  • Control PTZ camera movement and transmit video over a single network cable
  • Program preset viewing points and tours when connected to a NVR
  • Remote control of the PTZ camera using a smartphone or tablet when connected to a NVR
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Weatherproof (IP66-rated) camera with extreme temperature performance (-22° ~ 140°F / -30° ~ 60°C)3
  • Wall mount bracket & 100ft (30m) extension cable included for installation flexibility
  • H.265 offers significant bandwidth and video storage savings over older compression technologies, extending the amount of video stored on the hard drive4

Each LNZ44P4B Includes:

1 × HD PTZ Camera
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × Wall Mount Bracket
1 × 100ft Ethernet Cable
Instruction Manuals

1. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR200 & LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit www.lorextechnology.com/support
2. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/ building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux), the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in completely dark areas.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
4. You must connect the camera to a supporting H.265 NVR to take advantage of H.265 compression. For instructions on enabling H.265 compression, visit lorextechnology.com/support