Lorex High performance BNC Video/Power Cable for Lorex Analog Security Systems

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This high-performance camera cable can be used to extend the video/power lines of Lorex high-definition security cameras or standard security cameras. This mini RG-59 high-grade Siamese (video & power) coaxial cable measures 250ft each, offering you installation flexibility.

In-Wall BNC cable
In-Wall, Between Floors
UL rated in-wall cables can be safely run through and inside walls. This allows you to hide them from view and maximize their distance. Riser cables can be safely run between floors and walls that do not circulate heating or air conditioning systems.

Fire Resistant Cable
Fire Resistant
The cable jacket material prevents the spread of fire. They must pass a vertical burn test to ensure that the flame will not move along the cable.





  • Compatible with all Lorex MPX / analog security cameras up to 4K (8MP) resolution.
  • HD-SDI security cameras require RG-59 cables, which can also be used on standard cameras.
  • For HD-SDI cameras, you must use one cable run between the camera and the monitoring/recording device.
  • You can extend the cable by combining it with another CB60URB, CB120URB, or CB250URB cable. For maximum cable extension distance, see product manual or installation guide.
  • Fire/in-wall rated.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with and adhere to local building codes.


What's Included?


High performance video/power cables for security cameras Features:

  • Connect or extend analog and HD cameras
  • Ideal for running along walls, inside walls and between floors*
  • Meets or exceeds UL / cUL communication cable standards - CMR type (Riser).
  • Meets or exceeds National Electric Code (NEC) and Canadian Electric Code (CEC) standards for CMR type cabling.
  • Tested and certified to work with Lorex branded 4K resolution analog HD cameras.
  • Available in 60ft, 120ft and 250ft cable lengths.

* Cabling run in Plenum areas require a Plenum rating. Check your local building code for location specific cable requirements.