Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel (8 Wired and 8 Wi-Fi) 2TB Wired NVR System with Bullet Cameras Featuring Smart Security Lighting

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Create a personal security ecosystem like never before starting with this security system that features our latest 4K Deterrence Security Cameras with Smart Security Lighting and an NVR that has 8 wired channels and 8 Wi-Fi channels. This means that you can also add up to 8 Smart Home products, such as Wi-Fi Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlights to the reliability and professional performance of the wired security cameras on the same system!


Customize light colors with

Smart Security Lighting™


The customizable smart LED light band comes with 16.7 million color options to choose from. Colors can be assigned to pre-set camera modes, ssuch as a "Welcome" or "Panic" mode.


Get alerts that matter

Smart Motion Detection will deliver mobile push notifications to tell you exactly what kind of motion the camera has detected.

Animal Detection

Impressive clarity and wider coverage


Get the best view of your property around-the-clock with stunning 4K clarity and vivid Color Night Vision.


Wide field of view in full 4K

At the core of this camera is an 8MP image sensor. 8MP means there are more than 8 million pixels, which results in exceptionally sharp 4K video, realistic color representation, and superior digital zoom capabilities. The 108° field-of-view also allows your camera to monitor a broader area so you see more and detect motion earlier.


Boost Your Color Night Vision

Experience the best night vision on the market. This camera features our revolutionary Color Night Vision (CNV) Booster, which produces our most vivid and longest range full-color nighttime video yet. CNV works best with the help of ambient lighting, however, in conditions that are too dark, this camera will use its infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage.


IR Night Vision

Color Night Vision

Color Night Vision Booster