Lorex BNC Video Power Cable (60ft)

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Satisfy your installation needs with the MCBL-BNC 60ft video BNC and power extension cable. Connects a surveillance camera to any standard DVR, monitor or TV with BNC or RCA input (BNC/RCA adapter included). Dual shielding protects the cables from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Compatibility Notice

This cable is compatible with all Lorex MPX / analog security cameras up to 2K (4MP) resolution. Please note that it will NOT support 4K (8MP) MPX security cameras. 



What's Included?


60FT BNC security video / power cable

  • Connects Specialty Cameras to any Security Monitor, DVR, VCR or TV
  • Intended for cameras with video only.

Please note that the MCBL-BNC does not include the BNC security couple Female to Female, if you are looking to extend an existing extension cable you will need to purchase the MCBL-BNC and BNCC.

MCBL-BNC has replaced the CVA6930.

Each MCBL-BNCW Includes: 1 × 60FT extension cable for Power and Video