Lorex Black Power Adapter for Wire-Free Cameras with Weatherproof Cover

Lorex Black Power Adapter for Wire-Free Cameras with Weatherproof Cover

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Now you have the choice of operating your wire-free cameras with the included Power Packs or this accessory power adapter. With the accessory power adapter you no longer need to recharge the Power Pack for continuous use. A 15ft power cord and cable clips are included to allow for installation flexibility. This power adapter is available in 2 colors to match the color of your camera; black (ACPWFBK1) and white (ACPWF1).

power adapter for wireless cameras

Compatibility options

These power adapters are compatible with the following Wire-Free Cameras:

weatherproof power adapter

Weatherproof cover

The power adapter cable is built to withstand the elements and severe temperatures. It also comes with a protective cover that shields the USB plug from rain, snow, dust or any other particles that can cause damage or corrosion.

battery and power adapter powered security cameras

Plug in Hybrid

Lorex wire-free cameras give you options. You can keep the cameras completely wire-free by using the rechargeable battery. With this option the camera will wake up and record when motion is detected. These cameras also give you the option to run them continuously by plugging them in with this adapter.

What's Included?


Power Adapter for Wire-Free Camera Features:

1 × USB power adapter
1 × 15ft/4.5m connection cable with weatherproof cover
3 × cable clips


  • LWB4800 Series
  • LWB4850 Series
  • LWB4900 Series
  • LWB5800 Series
  • LWB6800 Series
  • LWB6850 Series
  • U222AA Series