Lorex 4K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Security Camera with Smart Security Lighting

Lorex 4K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Security Camera with Smart Security Lighting

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See the finest detail with the Lorex 4K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera. This is not ordinary camera – now with smart security lighting, you can customize your camera's LED band to the color of your choice. Know what's happening and faster with Smart Motion Detection Plus (Person, Vehicle, Animal and Package Detection) and the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 Technology. Hear and speak instantly with 2-Way Talk and Quick Response. Build your security the way you want with Fusion – create a Smart Home Ecosystem by pairing this camera with additional Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi and Wired cameras and devices.

Impressive Clarity - Day and Night

Get the best view of your property around-the-clock with stunning 4K clarity and vivid Color Night Vision.

4K Ultra HD

Color Night
Vision Booster

Smart Security

Experience the promise of 4K
At the core of this camera is an 8MP image sensor. 8MP means there are more than 8 million pixels, which results in exceptionally sharp 4K video, realistic color representation, and superior digital zoom capabilities. The 140° field-of-view also allows your camera to monitor a broader area so you see more and detect motion earlier.

Nighttime clarity with
Color Night Vision
Experience the best night vision on the market. Color Night Vision works best with the help of ambient lighting. In conditions that are too dark, however, this camera will use its infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage. This camera also features our revolutionary Color Night Vision (CNV) Booster, which can be activated to produce our most vivid and longest range full-color nighttime video yet.

Customize light colors with
Smart Security Lighting

The customizable smart LED light band comes with 16.7 million color options to choose from. Colors can be assigned to pre-set camera modes, such as a "Welcome" or "Panic" mode.

Click and drag the white
circle to adjust the color

Select Color

Proactive Security
Get an added layer of security with the motion-activated LED warning lights and remote-triggered siren to deter uninvited visitors.

Motion-activated LED lights

Remote-activated siren

No Matter the Weather
Enjoy robust security year-round with the camera's IP65 weather-resistant rating. With durable housing, the camera can withstand a range of conditions, from rain and windy weather to hot and humid temperatures.

131°F | 55°C Heat Rating

-4°F | -20°C Cold Rating

IP65 Weatherproof

Answer Instantly
Listen and Speak to anyone on your property with 2-Way Talk. If you're busy, use Quick Response to answer for you.



Get alerts that matter
Smart Motion Detection will deliver mobile push notifications to tell you exactly what kind of motion the camera has detected.

Person Detection
Vehicle Detection
Animal Detection
Package Detection
Vehicle DetectionVehicle Detection

Lorex Fusion
Security That Fits Your Lifestyle
This camera can be used with Fusion Recorders or to create a custom Lorex Smart Home ecosystem. With a Fusion Recorder, you can combine the ultimate reliability of wired security cameras and the versatility of wireless smart home cameras on the same system. This also allows you to record Wi-Fi cameras continuously to the recorder's hard drive. You can also simply add other Lorex Smart Home cameras, doorbells, floodlights and sensors to create your perfect security set up built just for you.

Lorex Home App Screenshots
Remote viewing from your mobile with Lorex Home™
Your Lorex devices will always be within reach with help from the Lorex Home App. This versatile app allows you to remotely access your Lorex cameras so you can easily view live videos, customize your system settings, playback recorded motion events and more.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Included MicroSD
Privacy is a Priority
Keep video recordings secure on the local 32GB MicroSD storage. Access all smart features with no additional monthly fees or recurring costs.

Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 Technology
Experience the smoothest and clearest 4K resolution live viewing and playback without impacting your overall network performance.

Smart Home compatibility
Get faster access to your security system with hands-free voice control. Use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexa™ and Google Assistant™. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide.



What's Included?

W881AAD Overview

Dimensions (W×D×H): 3.44 × 3.07 × 3.07" (87 × 78 × 78mm)
Weight: 0.9lbs / 0.41kg

  1. IR Light
  2. Microphone
  3. Warning Lights
  4. Smart Security Light / Status Indicator
  5. Power Cable
  6. Reset Button
  7. MircoSD Card Slot
  8. Speaker
  9. Threaded Insert
  10. QR Code

Package Contents:

4K Spotlight Wi-Fi Camera
(× 1)

Wall Mounting Bracket
(× 1)

Mounting Plate
(× 1)

Power Adapter
(× 1)

Mounting Template
(× 1)

MicroSD Card
(× 1)

(× 1)

Anchors & Screws (× 8)

Cable Clips (× 4)

  1. For product compatibility, visit www.lorex.com/compatibility
  2. Accuracy of Person, Vehicle, package, and Animal Detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object's distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection.
  3. Color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision when there is not sufficient ambient light to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
  4. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor nighttime ambient lighting (up to 32 ft or 10 m in total darkness). Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption.
  5. Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks. For compatibility, features, instructions visit: www.lorex.com/smarthome
  6. Audio recording is disabled by default. Audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Technology does not assume liability for any use of its product that fails to conform with local laws.
  7. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area recommended.
  8. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
  9. Requires a high-speed internet connection and a router (not included) for remote access. A minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps is required for the best video performance. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit: www.lorex.com/support