Lorex 2K Wired Video Doorbell with Wi-Fi Chime Kit

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2K Wired Video Doorbell
See who's at the door, greet guests with a nightlight, answer the door from anywhere, play pre-recorded messages when someone rings, and talk to those on the other side with the 2K QHD Doorbell.

Pre-Motion Recording
Ring Notifications
Quick Response & Two-Way Talk
4:3 Aspect Ratio

High Dynamic Range

Wi-Fi Chimebox
Connect this chime effortlessly to your Lorex Video Doorbell(s) using your Wi-Fi Network. When someone rings your doorbell, this chime will ring as well as send notifications to your Lorex Home app.

Adjustable Volume
Choose Your Chime
Easy Plug and Play Setup
Connect with Miltiple Doorbells