iFixit Anti-Clamp

iFixit Anti-Clamp

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Legends tell of a clamp so powerful that even iPads shiver when they hear its name. Mothers all over the world tell their children that if they use too much adhesive on their electronics, a certain clamp will visit you in the night—and show no mercy.

That clamp is called Anti-Clamp (affectionately nicknamed Clampy), whom we have crowned the new king of device opening. The ruler of the glass throne, if you will.

We superpowered our Suction Handle, added hands-free, precision control—and voilà, the Anti-Clamp was born. Appropriate for beginners to Pros, Anti-Clamp transforms the painstaking process of opening screens into a simple turn of a crank: opposed suction cups secure front and back surfaces, and a new straightforward handle adjusts applied force for hands-free removal. The result: an easy and accurate opening experience that lets you pry and slice, and keeps repair-induced cracks at bay. Opening screens has never been more fun!

The specs:

  • Opposed suction cups secure onto the front and back of your device.
  • Spreading force is precisely adjustable via leadscrew.
  • Quick Release allows for quick application/removal.
  • Hands-free! Set it and let Anti-Clamp(y) do the work for you. This handy guide shows you how.
  • Designed in the USA and backed by iFixit’s Lifetime Guarantee.
  • This is a powerful tool that can apply enough force to your device to damage it. Apply force incrementally and allow time for the adhesive to stretch and release before adding more spreading force.