iFixit Spudger - 10 pack

iFixit Spudger - 10 pack

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Safely poke and pry just about anything.
A spudger is a tough antistatic tool that can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices. The 5" tool is made of nylon and has one flat end and one pointed end. The pliable and antistatic properties make it ideal for working around sensitive electronic components without fear of shocking or scratching them.

The pointed flat side can be used to disconnect connectors, remove thermal paste from a heat sink, pry off components, aid in soldering, or just to unscrew a MacBook's battery. The pointed end of the spudger can be used to connect/disconnect components, hold objects for soldering, or poke something that requires poking. The tool also includes a notch for hooking wires.

We find this spudger to be the perfect size for most repairs. However, when you need a tougher prying/poking tool, we also carry our Heavy Duty Spudger, a more robust version of this tool. This product is included in a lot of our toolkits, but it's especially helpful in the Pro Tech Toolkit and Soldering Workstation.

Compatible with Apple's "Black Stick", Apple part number 922-5065