2-Pack Lorex Solar Panel for Battery-Operated Cameras

2-Pack Lorex Solar Panel for Battery-Operated Cameras

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Keep your Lorex Battery-Operated cameras continuously charged and prevent downtime with your security with this Lorex Solar panel. Tired of removing and charging batteries? This solar panel does not only reduce manual charging frequency but also helps reduce energy costs. With an easy setup and a long-lasting build, the solar panel is both an effortless and an environmentally friendly way to prolong the life for you cameras.


Non-stop Power

Adjustable Mounting

13 ft Long

IP65 Weather


Easy and flexible installation

Easily attach to almost any surface using the included bracket and screws. Thanks to the 360 adjustable wall mount bracket, you can angle the panel into an optimal angle for sun exposure.


Built to Last

This solar panel can withstand harsh weather conditions with an IP65 rating, keeping your cameras charged year round.


Works with Lorex Battery-Operated Cameras

The Solar Panel is compatible with the following Lorex battery-operated cameras:

  • U855AA Series
  • U424AA Series
  • U222AA Series
  • U471AA Series

*This solar panel is compatible with Lorex Battery-Operated cameras (excluding doorbell) . See full compatibility list here.

Product Compatibility

U222AA-Series 1080p HD Wire-Free Security Camera with Rechargeable Power Pack


U424AA Add-On 2K Wire-Free Security Camera


U471AA-E Add-on 2K Wire-Free Camera


U855 Series - 4K Battery-Operated Cameras


Product Specifications

Solar Cell Monocrystalline Silicon
Solar Conversion Rate 20%
Maximum Power 3.2W
Voltage 6V
Current 530mA
Operating Temperature -30 ºC ~ 70 ºC
360° Adjustable Winding cable bracket wall mount bracket Winding cable bracket
Dimension 185mm x 120mm x 6.5mm
Weight 0.286 kg
Material Plastic, White
Power Interface Micro USB
Cable Length 13 ft (4 Meters)
Waterproof Level IP65

What's Included?

ACSOL3 Dimensions

Package Contents:

Solar Panel


MicroUSB Adapter

6 × Mounting
Anchors & Screws

Drill Bit