WeBoost NMO Antenna

WeBoost NMO Antenna

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The Wilson Electronics 304203 tri band mobile cellular NMO mount antenna will minimize loss and maximize gain in the iDEN (806 - 866/896-939 MHz) and PCS (1850 - 1990 MHz) bands. A gain of 3 dB can be expected in iDEN band and a gain of 4 dB in the PCS band with this whip antenna.

The Wilson roof mount antenna requires a Motorola-style, NMO mount. Requires Antenna Adapter Cable if connecting directly to a phone.

Specific Frequency1850-1990 MHz, 896-939 MHz, 806-866 MHz

Whip MaterialStainless Steel

RF ConnectorsNo Connector

Whip Length13.25 in


Prop 65: If product contains Prop 65 chemicals, is a warning on
the packaging?Yes

Prop 65: Does the product contain any Prop 65 chemicals?Yes

GPS IncludedNo

Mobile Antenna Mounting TypeNMO

Maximum Power10 W

Qty/ Uom1 Each

Gain dBi3.7 dBi, 3.7 dBi, 4 dBi