BJC 3G/HD SDI Cable, 3 foot

BJC 3G/HD SDI Cable, 3 foot

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Made with Canare L-4CFB SDI cable and Canare crimp BNC connectors
Assembled by Blue Jeans Cable in the USA
Compact dimensions (RG-59 size, similar to Belden 1505A) for low weight and good flexibility
Three-piece 75 ohm crimp-assembly BNCs provide consistent impedance right through the plug, for the best return loss performance.

Blue Jeans Cable SDI Cable, Made from Canare L-4CFB, 3 foot

This SDI cable assembly is made using Canare L-4CFB cable and Canare's BCP-B4F BNC connectors. L-4CFB is an RG-59 sized cable, similar to Belden 1505A, designed specifically for use in SDI. It has a 20 AWG solid bare copper center conductor, a foamed PE dielectric, and tinned copper braid-over-foil shielding for wide-band shield effectiveness. The BNC connectors are specifically sized to fit this cable, for excellent mechanical and electrical stability.

Blue Jeans Cable: Professional Cable Assembly

Blue Jeans Cable is an audio, video and data cable assembly shop in Seattle, Washington. Our SDI cables are all assembled right here, in our own plant, using the best precision stripping and crimping equipment, and we have been using Canare connectors and cable since 2002; Blue Jeans Cable also offers SDI cables made using Belden cable stock, as well as a variety of other audio, video and data cable products.